TUL-GROUP,  a name that stands on the borders of the Germany also for quality.

Founded as brokers in 1993 in Dortmund by the father of two current managing owners, Peter and Gabriel Ujjobbagy, today's group of companies "TUL-GROUP" could have a steady growth.

Having realized until 1998 exclusively transports to Russia as a shipper, as well as in its own name with the first own vehicles, the focus changed after the decline in demand in the Russian market to Europe.

This restructuring of strategic alignment was the foundation for today's business, transports between Germany and France / Benelux and the German domestic market. After moving the headquarters from Dortmund to Waltrop in 2006, the product portfolio to include the points warehousing and transshipment activities could be expanded by 18,000 m² company premises.

In 2010, an external car- and truck-workshop, which worked among others for the service of our vehicles , was seamlessly integrated into the company . A former warehouse was set up as a new workshop. Due to the restructuring of the service offer and the optimization of workflows the independent TUL Repair Service GmbH can now offer in Waltrop and around a wide range of services for cars and trucks.

Today, the TUL -GROUP has approximately 80 employees and represents an established group of companies in the domestic and international logistics market, was able to transport approximately 300,000 tons of material to their destinations in 2013.

We hope that we could give you a little insight into our company.

Tobias Westhoff

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Borker Straße 2
45731 Waltrop
Tel. 02309/ 78456 - 0
E-Mail dispo@tul-group.com

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